Founded in 2009 by former Newport News Police Officer Bobby Kipper, the National Center for Prevention of Community Violence (NCPCV) is working in communities across America to interrupt the process of violence, before it becomes an event.

NCPCV has a successful history of building and providing solutions to preventing and reducing violence through a number of key initiatives. Our organization has developed national, state, and local policies and training in the areas of Bullying Prevention, Gang Reduction, Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention, Children’s’ Gun Safety, and Community Civility.

The organization is highlighted by a dedicated support team consisting of a National Executive Board, National Advisory Board, student interns, and a small but dedicated staff. This interdisciplinary network of passionate individuals represents all walks of life and professional backgrounds, including the arts, athletics, academia, law enforcement, media, and activism.

With a shared vision for and commitment to the prevention of violence and cultivation of peace in communities across the country and throughout the world, NCPCV is on a mission to improve the quality of life for all citizens.