Advisory Board


Jerald Monahan – Chairman of the Board

Chief of Police

Yavapai College


Tony Brothers – Vice Chairman of the Board


National Basketball Association

Amy Weich

Founder and Executive Director

Autism Behavior Consulting Group, Inc (ABC Group)


Chief Brett C. Railey (Retired)


International Association of Chiefs of Police Highway Safety Committee


Bethany Marshall

Marketing and Publicity Liaison / Professional MMA Fighter

Morgan James Publishing

Michael Kuhns


Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce


Ken Murphy

Chief of Police

Wyandotte Nation Tribal Police Department


Bob Jacob

Former Director



Jerry Kilgore

Former Attorney General of Virginia



Kelly Wright

National News Anchor



Patricia Mckenzie

Award Winning Actress and Singer



Ralph Rolle

Professional Musician



Scott Geller

Alumni Distinguished Professor, Center for Applied Behavior Systems

Virginia Tech University


Starley Murray

National Image Marketing and Publicity Expert



Steve Best


Southeast Virginia Community Foundation


Mike Costigan

Senior Advisor, Strategic Outreach

The Heritage Foundation


Barbara Hamm Lee

Executive Producer and Host

Another View