Hostility is Commonplace

Look at our political process. Much of our television broadcasting is filled with negative, angry, name-calling political ads that seek an attack platform instead of common ground. In many local and regional races, where there’s less oversight, these candidates don’t just want to win an election. They want to destroy their opponent. Our kids digest […]

Bullying Defined

A dictionary definition from more than fifty years ago describes a bully as “harsh” and “cruel”, someone who is “habitually threatening to others”. After half a century the words still ring true. According to most contemporary definitions, bullying occurs when a person is exposed repeatedly to “negative actions” on the part of one or more […]

The Culture of Bullying — What Is It Really About and Why Are So Many Young People Embracing It?

Everyone is watching. A live audience and millions of national television and on-line viewers are looking on as the announcement is made that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video. Immediately, Kanye West defiantly invades the stage to grab the award from a shocked Swift as a protest […]