We Are Growing

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Arizona Headquarters to kick-off 2018. The new office is located at 2578 Smoke Tree Lane in Prescott, AZ.

The National Center for Prevention Of Community Violence has been partnering with agencies in Arizona for several years to bring the latest in Prevention Programs to schools and communities. We have our Green Zone process in a number of schools throughout the state and we are working with law enforcement agencies and youth detention centers to provide current prevention resources.

We are looking for partners in Arizona and the entire region to join our efforts so we can prevent violence at every level before it becomes a tragedy.

This is an exciting move for us and we hope that it will be the start to a pattern of expanded growth in the future.


Bobby Kipper

Director, NCPCV

GreenZone Becoming A Safe Haven

With the introduction of the GreenZone Program, schools are experiencing an increase in self-reporting. This is counter to the powerful “No-Snitch Policy” that has perpetuated youth culture for years. Schools with GreenZone are reporting that students are quick to report that other students are “in the Yellow or Red Zone”, rather than reporting individual acts against them. This could mean that GreenZone is actually providing a safe haven for students. Good News!

Ollie the Owl Comes to Life

Ollie the Owl (s)We are excited to introduce our latest addition to our National Center who just happens to be the wisest guy in town when it comes to Gun Safety. Ollie the Owl is the official spokesman for our National Children’s Gun Safety Program. We believe that Ollie will make a difference nationwide when it comes to Gun Safety and Children. WELCOME OLLIE !