Elementary Gun Safety (Virginia)

Elementary Gun Safety (Virginia)


Developed in partnership with Virginia Department of Education, The Elementary School Gun Safety Guidelines and Curriculum provides background information on gun use and consequences from the misuse of guns in our country and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This information is intended to enhance the instructor’s understanding of the context for facilitating the curriculum lessons.

Each lesson is complete with background information, lesson guidelines and plans, suggested scripts for teachers with discussion points, and student materials. Lessons are aligned with specific Virginia Standards of Learning for each grade, but can be applied nationally.

Instructors are provided general suggestions for using “teachable moment” opportunities. These may include expanding students’ understanding of the difference and similarities between real and toy guns, unintended consequences, and an introduction to the student code of conduct and gun offenses. School divisions should develop procedures for instructors to assist students who may disclose sensitive information during the lesson.

The curriculum is designed as single units of instruction for each grade. In each lesson the character “Finnigan the Fox” is present as the safety mascot. This character is used to reinforce the message that if a student sees a gun: “Leave it Alone; Leave the Area; and Let an Adult Know.”

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