GreenZone™ Parent Program

The GreenZone Parent Program™ is a simple guideline for parents and caretakers to  make and maintain their homes as GreenZones.™

We believe homes can be places where all feel cared for and respected, and where everyone has a voice and the right to be heard.

10 Reasons to Adopt GreenZone™ at Home:

  1. The GreenZone is a positive place to be.
  2. The GreenZone focuses on respect for everyone.
  3. The GreenZone allows everyone to have a voice.
  4. The GreenZone sets clear expectations.
  5. The GreenZone is a great way to monitor communication.
  6. The GreenZone teaches civility.
  7. The GreenZone is easy to comprehend.
  8. The GreenZone is youth-friendly.
  9. The GreenZone is supported by educators.
  10. The GreenZone is a connection between schools and communities.

To make your home a GreenZone™, contact us! We’ll send you our GreenZone™ Parent / Child Pledge, and provide the opportunity to purchase fun household items (such as magnets, coasters, etc.) to help remind your family to stay in the GreenZone™! A portion of these proceeds will help us continue to reduce violence in communities across America and beyond.