According to 2017 statistics there are over 24,000 street and prison gangs in the United States with over 1 Million identified gang members. 86% of cities with a population of at least 100,000 have reported gang activism.

Gang members are getting younger which indicates a sustainable impact on gangs in our communities for years to come. 40% of active US gang members are under age 18 and 90% of incarcerated juvenile boys have gang affiliation.

Street gangs:

  • Increase community crime rates
  • Impact local schools
  • Influence the local economy
  • Interrupt the quality of life for citizens

Gang enforcement alone will not reduce the impact of gangs on a community. Communities need to adopt a gang reduction strategy.

The Gang Reduction Center provides research based community strategies for reducing gangs and gang related crime through Community Strategic Planning, Training on Reduction Strategies, and Technical Assistance in Gang Reduction.